Rufund on courses booked before 17th of Februray

To celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day 17th Feb, I am offering a refund on the course fee for one person that registers on a course between now and the 17th of Feb. On the 17th of February I will draw a name from those who have registered for a course and give them a refund.

I am also offering 25% off with the voucher code: ACTOFKINDNESS, as a Random Act of kindness in case you are unlucky and your name did not get drawn. If you, anyone you know or a client would be interested please share or forward it to them.

The One day WordPress Training Course takes you step by step to learn how to use WordPress. At the end of the days training, you will be confident in using WordPress. The course is limited in attendance to 8 people per course. Tea, coffee and a light buffet lunch is supplied in the fee.

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