Extra One Day Services

Should you find developing a website a bit daunting and would like help in the process of developing your bespoke WordPress Website in one day. I am offering two services 1-2-1 @ Home and 1-2-1 @ Work.

Both services create a bespoke website on one day. 1-2-1 @ Home is designed for smaller websites for individuals and small enterprises. The 1-2-1 @ Work are for medium to lareger-sized businesses. The cost for each of the services are shown below.

Before the day is fixed for building the website preparations for the day will discussed, materials gathered and prepared . This will enable the day to go smoother.

1-2-1 WordPress One Day Website Services

1 to 1 @ Home      £470.00  –  *£335.00
1 day at your home focusing on creating a website just for you.

1 to 1 @ Work      £670.00  –  *£535.00
1 day in your office focusing on creating a business website just for you.

If you think you would like to know more about these services please give me a call or use the form on the “Contact Me” page.


*Discounted price of £135.00 off for those who have been on the One Day WordPress Training Course.